Mitko is for the go-getter, the commuter, and the adventurer. Designed with precision & versatility in mind, take it everywhere you go, or let it take you where you need to be.

Mitko is more than a brand, it's a personality.

Mitko is a minimalist lifestyle brand creating high quality precision products for the modern everyday smoker. Our focus is to create products that spark curiosity in venturous go-getters and those with an appreciation for productive simplicity. 

The Humboldt Pipe

The First EDC pipe. With a minimalist aesthetic and maximum functionality, The Humboldt is made to last and perform. We introduce a nomadic necessity for the modern smoker.

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Keep it clean

The humboldt pipe is designed to easily take it apart and clean it to make it last.


  • Precision machined

    Each pipe is precision machined with a CNC Lathe and milled to ensure the perfect fit and tolerances for each part of our design.

  • Designed to carry

    City commutes, road trips, or daily use, this is your versatile tool for smoking on the go. Throw it in your pocket or bag and let the adventure take you anywhere!

  • Made in California

    Our products are proudly made locally in Southern California. From design to end product everything is sustainable and sourced locally.